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registry agent providing Alberta motor vehicle services




Register your vehicle quickly and easily with the help of the authorized registry agents at Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd. Our staff is on hand to provide efficient, seamless service to get you through your car registration process without unnecessary waits or red tape. Contact us today to speak with one of our friendly registry agents or visit us at our Calgary registry office at 66, 4307 – 130th Avenue SE.

Types of Vehicle Registrations We Offer

We offer registration services for a variety of vehicles. Each registration is performed with complete diligence so that later, no issues emerge in the paperwork and you do not face any problems going forward.

  • Private Use Registration

  • Commercial Registrations

  • Special Registrations

  • Trailer Registration

  • Special Registration Programs

  • Motorcycle/Off Hwy Vehicle Registration

  • Specialty Vehicles

Registration for New Vehicles and First-Time Registrations

If you’ve just gotten a new or used vehicle or trailer in Alberta, you must register it before you can drive it. Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd. will help you navigate the process. You’ll need:


  • Bill of sale, lease agreement or gift letter/will (faxes and photocopies aren’t allowed) showing proof of ownership

  • Proof of valid Alberta liability insurance (pink card) in the names on the vehicle registration

  • Valid driver’s licence  

  • New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS) provided by the dealer, if applicable

  • Parent/guardian consent form, if you’re under 18 and your parents aren’t present at the time of registration


Our fees section provides information on how much your vehicle registration will cost.

More Vehicle Registration Services

First-time car registration is just one of the many services Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd. provides. Other services include:


  • Vehicle registration renewal

If any of the information on your vehicle registration is outdated, or if you have outstanding traffic fines or registration suspensions, you must renew your registration in person. However, if all of the information is correct, you have the following options for your vehicle registration renewal


Auto-renewal through your account

This requires a MyAlbertaDigital ID (MADI), which is acquired through the Alberta eServices website. All the links and instructions for these processes are found on the provincial website.


Online through us

You fill out a form online, and we take care of the rest. You will require the current registration certificate and the insurance pink card for the vehicle that you are renewing to fill out the form. Once we have processed your vehicle registration renewal, you can either pick up your documents in our office or have them mailed to you.


In-person renewal

 You are always welcome to visit Registry @ South Trail Crossing and renew your car registration in person. Please bring the current registration certificate and the insurance pink card for the vehicle that you are renewing.


Mail-in renewal

Because this option takes time, it is best to use this vehicle registration renewal option only if there are 30 or more days remaining on your current registration. To renew your vehicle registration by mail, print and fill out the mail-in application form. All the instructions and payment are included on the form.


  • Vehicle registration transfer

If you’re changing vehicles, you may need to transfer your registration. If your old vehicle’s registration is still valid, you can keep your existing licence plate. You’ll need:


  1. Valid photo ID or support document

  2. Proof of ownership (bill of sale, lease agreement, previous vehicle registration if the vehicle is from out of province, will)

  3. Valid pink insurance card in the name(s) to appear on the vehicle registration

  4. New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS) provided by the dealer, if applicable


If more than one name appears on either the current registration or the ownership document, you’ll need signatures from these people on the authorization form.


  • Vehicle registration cancellation

If you’re cancelling your car registration, you may be eligible for a refund. Visit our registry office in Calgary with the following:


  1. Valid photo ID

  2. Service fee

  3. License plate (optional)

    4. If cancelling a lost of stolen plate, you need a Police Case Number

You can expect a refund cheque about four to six weeks after the cancellation.


  • Replace vehicle registration certification

If you lose your valid Alberta vehicle registration certificate, you must replace it. You’ll need to demonstrate that:


  1. You have an active vehicle registration

  2. A valid ID. If you are requesting a new certificate on behalf of the registered owner, you will need a completed authorization form


You can also order a duplicate copy online.

FAQs about Vehicle Registration

Q: Can someone else renew your registration for you?

A: Yes, but they must have proof of your ownership of the vehicle and an Authorization for Vehicle Services form completed and signed by you


Q: Can I renew my registration after it's expired?

A: Yes, but it is illegal to drive a car or other vehicle that does not have an up-to-date registration. You may incur fines and penalties if you drive your vehicle with an expired registration.

Q: Can I renew my registration if I have outstanding fines?

A: All outstanding fines must be paid and processed before you can renew your vehicle registration.

All About Commercial Vehicle Registrations

For commercial vehicles like trucks, tractors, trailers, buses, etc., commercial registration is necessary. You must provide written documentation of the following in order to register your business vehicles:

  • Safety Fitness Certificate (SFC): This is required if you meet one or more of the following conditions: 

    • A Safety Fitness Certificate (SFC) is required for a:

    • Commercial vehicle with a registered gross weight of 11,794 kg or more that will operate only in Alberta

    • A vehicle (bus) designed to carry 11 passengers or more (including the driver)

    • A farm or commercial plated vehicle with a weight of 4501 kg or more and travels outside of Alberta

  • Commercial inspection: Your vehicle will need to provide evidence of passing annual or semi-annual examinations if: 

    • Your combined weight is over 11,794 kg annually

    • Your vehicle is originally designed with a seating capacity of 11 or more (such as a school bus, commercial bus, commercial passenger van semiannually)

Special Registration Classes

Special vehicle registrations in Alberta are issued for:


Antique Vehicles

Antique vehicles include motorcycles and are defined by:

  • At least 25 years old

  • Only operated as a collector’s item in exhibitions, club activities, parades and transportation to and from these activities

  • Driven to and from a garage for servicing

  • Never used for general transportation

Dealer Plates

Dealer licence plates are issued to manufacturers of motor vehicles, dealers of motor vehicles, clients engaged in the business of servicing motor vehicles. A dealer plate is affixed to a vehicle and that fulfils the following criteria:

  • Kept for sale by a manufacturer or dealer

  • Used by manufacturers, dealers or their employees/agents for testing, servicing, promotion of sales, personal use for promotional purposes by dealer’s or employee’s family members

  • Not for hire

  • Not carrying freight other than goods that are the property of the vehicle owner or the employee/agent using the vehicle for personal use

  • Used by a purchaser or prospective purchaser to drive the vehicle with the dealer’s plate without dealer or employee

Ham Radio Operator Plates

Ham radio operator plates may be issued to clients that maintain a valid Amateur Radio Operator Certificate issued by Industry Canada. Ham radio operator plates must bear the ham radio operator’s call letters as displayed on their Amateur Radio Operator Certificate issued by Industry Canada.

Special Registration Programs

There are a number of special registration programs designed especially for the residents of Alberta. These include:


Prorate Program

Alberta is a member of the International Registration Plan (IRP), a reciprocity registration agreement among Canadian and U.S. jurisdictions. This program applies to Alberta carriers who travel in Alberta and at least one other province or state. Rather than obtaining and paying for plates and registration in each jurisdiction, prorate offers the advantage of proportionate licencing in Alberta.


As part of the IRP, the Alberta Transportation Prorate Services’ office calculates registration fees for prorate approved commercial vehicles. The fees are calculated based on the percentage of total distance travelled within each jurisdiction.. For more information please call Prorate Services at 403-297-2920 or visit their website.

Quarterly Licencing Program

The Quarterly Licencing Program is used by clients who have an annual registration fee of $500 or more per vehicle, and want to split their registration into a quarterly rate or whose vehicles are part of the Permanent Fleet Program. Clients cannot register or renew their vehicle registrations for less than one full quarter.


There are four quarterly registration periods:

  • January 1 to March 31

  • April 1 to June 30

  • July 1 to September 30

  • October 1 to December 31

Permanent Fleet Program

To qualify for this program, you must have a fleet of at least 10 commercial vehicles registered at all times. Once you qualify, you can register/renew their vehicles quarterly, semi-annually or annually and can group specific vehicles into separate fleets and have each fleet expire at different periods.


Irrespective of your company name, your permanent fleet registration will end on December 31st. However, you can change this date to one of the following:

  • March 31

  • June 30

  • September 30

  • December 31


Modified, Homemade, Amalgamated Vehicles, Kit Cars, Trailers & Motorcycles are included in specialty vehicles and are assembled from new and/or used parts. The licence plate class issued for specialty vehicles is determined by the use of the vehicle.

In addition to the requirements noted for the applicable licence plate class, the following must also be presented by the client if the vehicle, trailer and/or motorcycle is assembled from used or new parts without a vehicle identification number:


  • A processed Assigned Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Application form from the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC). Depending on the vehicle, trailer and/or motorcycle an inspection may be required.

  • Vehicles, trailers and/or motorcycles with unusual operating characteristics must be referred to Alberta Transportation Safety Branch for an inspection to ensure compliance with basic equipment requirements

Converted Buses

Converted buses include a bus converted for:

  • Personal use

  • Recreational use

  • Office use

  • Employee accommodations

The licence plate class issued for a converted bus is determined by the use of the vehicle.

Comprehensive Vehicle Registration in Calgary

Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd. provides an efficient, convenient way to keep you and your vehicle moving. Additional information is available from Service Alberta. If you have further questions about Alberta vehicle registration, please feel free to contact us.

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