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Are you ready to start your own corporation, non-profit or society? At Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd., we can help you register and incorporate your new business. We’re your go-to corporate registry firm in Calgary. Our knowledgeable agents can guide you through the incorporation process, including a government-required business name search. Contact us today to get started.

Business Types

Here are some of the main types of business in Alberta. You must determine which category you fall under:

  • Sole proprietorship. A sole proprietorship, or trade name, is a business structure where an individual owns and operates the business as the sole owner. In this model, there is no legal distinction between the individual and the business entity, meaning the owner is personally responsible for all aspects of the business, including its finances and liabilities. This is the easiest way to start a business in Alberta.


  • Partnership. A partnership is a business structure where two or more individuals manage and operate a business following the terms and objectives set out in a Partnership Deed. Each partner contributes to all aspects of the company, including finances, management, and responsibilities. In a general partnership, each partner is personally liable for the business’s debts and liabilities.


  • Limited corporation. A limited corporation is a legal entity distinct from its owners, known as shareholders. It’s formed to conduct business, with ownership represented by shares of stock. Corporations provide limited liability to shareholders, separating personal and business assets. Incorporation allows for perpetual existence, centralized management, and raising capital by selling stocks. Shareholders can also be easily changed through the transfer of shares. Shareholders elect a Board of Directors to oversee major decisions and vote on significant matters.

We also offer land title and personal property registration services. Contact our agents for more information.

At Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd., we offer incorporation services at our Calgary location. The incorporation process differs from entity to entity. If you’re unsure how to best incorporate your business, choose the appropriate link below to learn more about our entity-specific services and requirements, consult with our agents or visit Service Alberta’s guidelines page. Please bring the pertinent, completed forms to your appointment.


Alberta law requires the requester to be present for the incorporation process. So, make an appointment at our corporate registry office in Calgary today. You can also reach us via email or fill out our online form, and we’ll get back to you.


Our agents will help you finish any incomplete forms and file them appropriately. We also provide clients with a NUANS search for the Calgary area to help them find a name for their newly incorporated business.

Launch Your Corporate Brainchild with Our Help

General Information Forms

These unions focus on the needs of their members oaver their capital.

General Information Forms

These businesses promote a cause, such as science, charity, or art.

General Information Forms

This category includes existing corporations created outside of Alberta.

Include the following:

  • Religious groups

  • Recreational leagues

  • Clubs, guilds, and fellowships.

NUANS Business Name Searches

The first step in incorporation is to select a name and to be certain that the name you have selected is unique and not easily confused with that of another corporation. For advice on selecting names visit the Business Name page of the Service Alberta website. There are naming criteria for all types of corporate entities and it is important that you review the requirements for the type you have selected. All corporations in Alberta must be either named or numbered.

NUANS is a computerized search system that, for the purposes of corporate registry, compares a proposed corporate name to a database of existing corporate names. This comparison determines the similarity that exists between the proposed name and existing names in the database, and produces a listing of names that are found to be most similar. The NUANS report will reserve the proposed name, for a period of 90 days, for the person requesting the report. Business Name Search Reports are different in that, while they provide a list of similar names, there is no exclusive reservation of the name.

NUANS reports, whether they are sent to an authorized service provider or to the Corporate Registry office, must be less than 91 days old and must contain all 6 pages. Either the original or a carbon copy is acceptable.


Take a look at the links below to learn more about our wide range of services. We handle many registrations for both residents and companies, including:

Services for Existing Business Owners

If you already own a business in Alberta, Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd. can help you with all your administrative needs, including:


  • Filing an annual return. Every company must file an annual tax return. Failing to do so could get you struck from the registry. Corporate returns are due at the end of the month following the anniversary of your original registry. For instance, if you registered your business in November, your return is due October 31.


  • Changing business information. Changes in business configurations are pretty standard, and you must report them to the registry within 15 days of the change. At Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd., we can help ensure that changes to your corporation’s name, address, directors, shareholders or corporate structure are done correctly and updated in the registry.


  • Terminating a partnership or trade name. Businesses can dissolve for several reasons. Whatever the reason, you must notify the registry that the company has ceased and isn’t carrying on under that name. If your business stops operating, we can help you terminate your partnership or trade name. Remember, dissolving a partnership requires an application and signature from only one partner.


  • Reviving a corporation. You can also revive a corporation previously struck from the registry or dissolved. You’ll need to file all outstanding annual returns and do a NUANS search if the company has been struck or dissolved for over three years. Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd. can help revive your company and get you back in business.

Corporate Registry Search Services in Calgary

A corporate registry search in Calgary involves obtaining official information from the Alberta Corporate Registry about a specific corporation registered in the province. This search provides detailed information about the corporation’s legal status, structure, directors, registered office address and financial statements.


Applying for corporate registry search with Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd. in Calgary is a good idea if you’re:


  • Verifying a corporation’s legal existence, ensuring it’s duly registered and authorized to conduct business in Alberta.

  • Looking for information about the corporation’s structure, including its directors, officers and shareholders.

  • Inquiring about the corporation’s financial health as an investor, creditor or business partner assessing the company’s stability and viability.

  • Entering into a business transaction and need to assess potential liabilities associated with the corporation, like outstanding debts or legal issues that might affect the business relationship.

  • Investigating if the corporation complies with legal requirements such as annual filings and other obligations. Non-compliance may indicate potential risks and legal issues.


Please file for society incorporation with the Corporate Registry office, using one of the methods listed below.


John E. Brownlee

10365-97 Street

Edmonton, AB

T5J 3W7



RITE: 310-0000



RITE: 310-0000

Mailing Address

Alberta Registries

Corporate Registry

Box 1007 Station Main

Edmonton, AB T5J 4W6

Comprehensive Corporate Registry Services in Calgary

At Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd., our knowledgeable staff can help you with various business registration and incorporation services. Contact us today for more information or to set up an appointment.

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