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Please find information below regarding searches for driver’s abstracts and fine payments. Registry @ South Trail Crossing ltd. serves customers in Calgary and beyond with all of your registration and licencing needs. We are open six days a week to serve you.


All searches require acceptable identification.

Driver's Abstract

Driver abstracts are issued for a 3-, 5- or 10-year period. We also offer commercial abstracts for the professional driver.

Driver abstracts contain driver record information that is personal and confidential, and can only be released to a client requesting his or her own information or with proper authorization.


For information on requirements for the following situations please go to the Service Alberta website.

  • Requesting a copy of your abstract

  • Requesting a copy of a minor’s abstract

  • Requesting a copy of another person’s abstract on their behalf

  • Other types of abstract requests

Out-of-Province Clients

Clients who are requesting their own driver abstract who are out of province and do not have someone who can apply for a driver abstract on their behalf must provide:

  • A completed and notarized “Notarized Request for Personal Driving and Motor Vehicle Information” form which is available on the Service Alberta website

  • A notarized photocopy of the client’s identification:

    • One piece of identification must contain the client’s photo, legal name and date of birth. (e.g., Alberta operator’s licence, passport, etc.)

    • Registry agents may accept notarized documents within one month from the date the documents were notarized

  • The required driver abstract fee

  • A return envelope, which must:

    • Be a registered mail or courier envelope

    • Be pre-addressed

    • Have prepaid postage or courier fees

Note: The client must submit to the registry agent’s office by mail, registered mail or courier the above documents and driver abstract fee. Faxed copies are not acceptable.


A registry agent will provide a confirmation letter to a client when confirmation of a motor vehicle operator or vehicle file is requested. Anyone may apply for a confirmation letter regarding his or her own information.

The confirmation letter will be printed on our letterhead and include the phrase “Authorized Registry Agent”.

Types of Confirmation Letters

  • Vehicle registration

  • Vehicle registration and ownership details including lease information

  • Vehicle registration and ownership details indicating the beginning and end of registration

  • Vehicle registration for the United States

  • Vehicle status

  • Operator licence details

  • Client demographic information

Operator Confirmation Letter

An operator confirmation letter will not show the operator status. Operator status can only be confirmed by the purchase of a driver’s abstract.

Vehicle Confirmation Letter

A vehicle confirmation letter will not contain the registered owner’s name unless:

  • The letter is for the registered owner

  • The registered owner has provided written permission for the client to obtain this information

Fine Payments

There is a service fee of $9 + GST for each fine paid at a registry office. To pay a fine online, go to the Service Alberta website.

When paying a current fine you must present one of the following documents:

  • Original copy of the ticket

  • A current Notice of Conviction

  • An Offence Notice

    • Ensure the violation ticket is labeled Offence Notice at the top of the form and Part 3 in the lower right hand corner

A ticket must be current, or if overdue, already entered on the Motor Vehicle database in order to be paid at a registry. Fines can only be paid by cash or debit card. We are sorry but we cannot accept cheques or credit cards.

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