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Do you wish to be notified when the expiration date for your driver's licence or vehicle registration is closing in? Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd. can assist you. We are a company that the Government of Alberta authorizes, and so we provide a wide range of driver's licence services in Calgary. From registration to translation to driving tests in Calgary, we can help you with anything you need! We test and issue driver licences and other photo identification cards and perform vehicle registration for our customers.


Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd. is a go-to destination for many people looking for professionals to issue their driver's licence in Calgary. Please ensure that you give two different recognized identifications for all our operator services. Please read about driver's licences for more information regarding the services listed below:

  • First application of an operator licence

  • Replacing a lost or stolen operator licence

  • Change of address for an operator licence

  • Renewing an operator licence

  • Exchanging a non-Alberta operator licence

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Know more about the Restricted Operator’s Licence program.

Demerit Suspension

Demerit suspensions are generally assigned for traffic violations and are applied to your driver record on your conviction date. These suspensions remain on your driving record for two years from the date of reinstatement. The points vary depending upon the offence made.

The Restricted Operator's Licence Program is used by clients who need to drive for employment, health, or education while serving a demerit suspension. The restricted licence is only valid for the period the client is suspended. If the client has completed their suspension period, the restricted licence should be exchanged for a non-restricted licence at a registry agent's office.

Eligibility Criteria

Several situations may arise when you urgently need to visit a place or attend a medical emergency, but your suspension may not allow you to go. That’s when the Restricted Operator’s Licence can come to your rescue! Wondering if you are eligible for this licence? Here’s how it goes!

Clients can participate in the Restricted Operator’s Licence Program if they meet the following criteria:

  • Have a valid Alberta driver’s licence at the time of receiving the notice of pending suspension

  • The suspension was imposed because of an accumulation of demerit points

  • They have not served any demerit or Criminal Code suspensions within the past two years

  • Example labelaReside or are employed in a remote area without readily available access to other means of transportation (ie. public transportation)

  • All other reinstatement conditions must be met

  • Their driver’s licence is not a Graduated Driver Licence (GDL) or Class 7 learner’s licence

  • They have no other active or pending suspensions or any types of warrants

  • All outstanding fines and non-alcohol reinstatement fees must be paid in full

  • Able to provide proof of employment or self-employment if applying for employment reasons

Revoked Licence

If you commit certain offences in Calgary, your driver's licence may be suspended or cancelled. Since we at Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd. recognize how important your driver's licence is to you, we'd want to assist you in understanding how your driving history impacts your driving rights. If you have been fined a traffic offence or have broken one of the program's restrictions, the following is a list of what will happen to your licence.

  • The restricted licence will be revoked immediately

  • The client cannot reapply during this suspension period to the Restricted Operator’s Licence Demerit Program

  • The client may be charged with driving while suspended. If the client is charged and convicted of driving while suspended, their licence will be suspended for at least an additional six-month period

  • The client will serve the remainder of their suspension term

  • The vehicle the client was driving may be seized for 30 days


A client who has lost their driver's licence due to some alcohol-related criminal conviction can gain conditional privilege through the Ignition Interlock Program. Suppose your driver's licence is suspended through an impaired driving-related conviction, you may be required to participate in the Ignition Interlock Program. You must demonstrate a sustained ability to separate driving and drinking. It involves the installation of an ignition interlock device in a vehicle as a condition of driver licensing. This device measures the alcohol level of the driver and locks the ignition if the reading is too high.

Depending on the circumstances, participation in the program may be mandatory or voluntary.  The Ignition Interlock Program is compulsory for all drivers who have been convicted of:

  • Having a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) equal or greater than 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 milligrams of blood

  • Refusing breath/blood sample

Still got questions about our driver’s licence services in Calgary? Please contact us right away, and one of our team members will address all your concerns.


To be eligible for participation in the Ignition Interlock Program, clients must:

  • Have the court’s authorization to participate in the program

  • Have 30 days or less remaining in their minimum prohibition term indicated on the Court Order of Driving Prohibition

  • Take the Planning Ahead Course when the client is a first time offender

  • Have no other active or pending suspensions, of any type

  • Have a valid Alberta driver’s licence at the time of suspension

  • Submit a copy of the Court Order of Driving Prohibition with the Ignition Interlock application to the Board

  • Be a resident of Alberta

  • Take the Impact Course for repeat or subsequent offenders

  • Ensure all other RC (Reinstatement Conditions) are met


Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd. is a firm whose objective is to provide excellent and full-fledged driver's licence services to our customers in Calgary and build positive relationships with them.  Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd. also provides various motor vehicles and driving licence services to people in Calgary, which include:


Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd. offers every type of driver licence services. Our devoted staff aims for perfection and attempts to exceed your expectations by providing high-quality services for your driver’s licence. With a total commitment to providing high-quality services to our clients, we aim to achieve more and more. Please do drop us a line if you have any questions.

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