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You may not deal with vehicle registration frequently but there are times when you will need it or have to get your licence renewed. The process may seem complicated initially, it is quite straightforward. It is important for you to know about the documents and information required before applying. Providing your mailing address is very essential.

All your notifications and documents will be mailed to the area you specify. It can get tricky if you don’t have a permanent place of residence. A PO Box serves as a permanent mailing address, but you should confirm whether you can use it before commencing with the registration process. Registry @ South Trail Crossing helps you understand when and how you can use the PO Box for vehicle registration or licence renewal. Our trained staff will simplify the rules in Calgary for a better understanding. What Is a PO Box? A PO Box is also known as a post office box or a postal box. It is a lockable mailbox available at a post office. These are traditionally used to receive a mail if you live in areas where it cannot be directly delivered at home. If you use it, you don’t have to change the address for the bills, bank statements or government documents every time you move out of a place. It rules out the chances of you missing out on updating information for important services. Moreover, this can also result in identity theft as someone can get their hands on your mail. Therefore, a mailbox service is a smart and affordable choice. It offers numerous other benefits like mail security, fast delivery, protection of your actual mailing address and affordable prices. Documents Required for Vehicle Registration in Calgary To register a vehicle, you should visit a registry agent in person. You can carry your ID proof, car insurance and ownership documents to the registry office. Others can also do the process for you, provided you fill-up the Alberta Vehicle Registration Authorization Form and carry their ID proof along with the other documents. Based on your vehicle type, you have to pay fees for successful registration. It will have an expiry date, post which, you have to renew it. Also, you can modify your submitted details and extend or cancel the registration. While renewing the vehicle registration, you will only need your driver’s licence, insurance proof and vehicle registration certificate. When you change your address, provide both your physical and mailing location within Alberta. A physical address can be:

  • A street address

  • A legal land description

  • A rural 911 address with reference to a street or an avenue and access road

On the other hand, a mailing address can be:

  • Details of your physical place of stay including the postal code

  • A PO Box address including postal code

In case, the Canada Post has changed your postal code or address, you won’t be charged for changing it in your driving documents. Documents Required for Obtaining a Driver’s Licence in Calgary To obtain a driver’s licence, you must have a physical or residential address. You may have a post office box as a mailing address if you need one. Your driving licence will then display both the physical and mailing location. The documents needed while renewing a driver’s licence will depend on your age, medical condition and the licence expiry date. If your licence expired more than six months ago, you have to submit proofs supporting your legal entitlement in Canada and proof of your residency in Alberta. Even for car insurance purposes, you can use a PO Box for mail. But, you have to mandatorily supply the location where the vehicle will be parked every night. All in all, you can use a postal box as your mailing address only and it is optional. You should provide a physical address proof wherever needed. Call us or visit our office to ensure all your registry needs are met timely. We also offer services like the registry of vital statistics and personal property.


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