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Vital statistics

Your Source for Vital Statistics Services in Calgary

Are you looking for dependable Vital Statistic services in Calgary? Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd. offers a range of vital registry services. We issue certificates for events that have occurred in the Province of Alberta. The Alberta Vital Statistics are maintained by Service Alberta. As registry agents, we are a dependable source for vital statistics records.


If you want to apply for any vital statistics certificate in Alberta, or have questions regarding the application and certificate issue process, feel free to contact us.


Services We Provide:

We provide the following vital statistics services in Calgary:


Birth certificate


Birth certificates are vital documents that have verified records of name, date of birth, place of birth, gender and parentage. You can apply for birth certificates through us. The information that you will receive in the birth certificate will be taken from the records containing the original registration of birth.


Death certificate


Death certificates document details in the event of death. By using information present in the registration of death, we issue certificates for the deaths that have occurred in Alberta. You can apply for a document or certificate through our simple application process and we will ensure it is issued to you at the earliest.


Legal name change


We also provide services for a legal change of name. With our application process, we can help you register your new name directly with Alberta Vital Statistics. All the necessary forms required for a legal change of name are available online.


Marriage certificate


Marriage certificates document vital data about your marriage. You can apply for your marriage certificates using our forms. 


Marriage licence


A marriage license proves your eligibility for marriage. It is an essential document for getting married in Alberta. 


Proof of single status in Alberta


We provide a letter stating whether or not a marriage was registered for the person for a specific time period searched.

Checklist of items to bring with you:

If you are applying for a certificate with us, here are the items you are expected to carry:

  • A completed form
  • Proof that you are eligible to apply
  • Proof of identity: We accept the following identity proofs: 
    • Immigration visa
    • Passport
    • Permanent resident card
    • Treaty status card
    • Driver’s licence / ID card

All documents must be current, valid and original documents. If you don’t have one of the items listed below, please call for more information.


Talk to Us

At Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd., we always look forward to assisting our customers and providing satisfying services. If you want to know more about any of our services or have queries regarding the process of application or our fees, you can contact us. As service providers for vital statistics in Alberta, we are responsive and professional. Whether you want to know how long it will take for us to process your application, or you have doubts about how to fill your forms, be assured that we will help you out.

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Registry @ South Trail Crossing

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