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What Are Automatic Fails on the Alberta Road Test?

driver giving thumbs down signal after failing Alberta road test

To obtain an Alberta driver’s licence, you must first pass a road test. A driving test can be nerve-wracking, and it's important to be aware of the potential pitfalls that could lead to automatic failures. Here are some of the infractions that are considered automatic fails on the Alberta road test.

Infractions that are Automatic Fails on the Alberta Road Test

During an Alberta road test, an examiner assesses a driver points for each violation they make. If you’re trying to earn a standard Class 5 or Class 6 licence, you’ll fail if you’re assessed 75 points or more. There are also instances where the examiner will automatically fail you, no matter how many points you have. These infractions include:

  • Driving unsafely. Engaging in any behaviour that endangers yourself, the examiner or others on the road will lead to an automatic failure. This includes aggressive driving, running red lights or stop signs, improper lane changes or failure to yield the right of way.

  • Endangering a pedestrian or another driver. Being involved in a collision or nearly causing one during the test will result in an automatic failure. It’s essential to maintain proper following distance, anticipate potential hazards and use defensive driving techniques to avoid accidents.

  • Breaking traffic laws. Disobeying traffic laws is a serious offence. Some common violations that lead to automatic fails on the Alberta driving test include illegal U-turns, failure to signal, not stopping at a stop sign or red light and speeding.

These failures indicate a serious lack of knowledge or skill that could compromise road safety.

Other Reasons Why Drivers Fail

Several other violations can lead to fails on an Alberta road test. These mistakes may not result in automatic failures but can result in points assessed against you during your examination:

  • Improper lane changes. Failing to check blind spots, not signalling properly or making abrupt lane changes can result in point assessments. An improper lane change that endangers another vehicle can result in an automatic fail.

  • Incomplete stops. Failing to come to a complete stop at intersections can lead to points against you. Rolling through a stop sign is an automatic fail for breaking traffic laws.

  • Incorrect signalling. Failing to signal when required or providing incorrect signals can result in points.

  • Failure to yield. Not yielding the right-of-way to other vehicles when required will add points to your score. Failing to yield to pedestrians is an automatic fail.

  • Lack of observation. Failing to observe and respond to traffic signs, signals and road markings can result in points.

Exact point limits vary depending on the class of licence you’re testing for. Check with your local registry office for specific guidelines.

Road Test Information and Scheduling in Calgary

At Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd., we can help you schedule and ultimately pass your Alberta driver’s test. You can even take your test with a qualified examiner at our Calgary location. Contact us today to book your road test and learn more about our driver’s licence services.


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