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Tips To Prepare for the Alberta Class 7 Knowledge Test

driver writing the Alberta class 7 knowledge test

If you want to drive any type of vehicle in Alberta, your first step on the road to getting your driver’s licence is the Class 7 driver knowledge test. All learners, whether they intend to drive motorcycles, cars or large commercial vehicles, must complete this written test before advancing to getting behind the wheel. Here are some helpful tips on how to pass the Class 7 knowledge test with flying colours.


1.  Don’t assume you already know all the rules of the road

Many new drivers, believing driving regulations are “common sense,” neglect to prepare for the knowledge test. Although you may be familiar with most of the rules, the test will likely have a few tricky details to ensure you’re well prepared to take to the streets.


2.  Review the appropriate Alberta driver’s guide 

The Alberta government has prepared downloadable driver guides specific to cars and light trucks, commercial vehicles and motorcycles. They include information on licensing, road regulations, driver basics, safe practices and towing guidelines.


3.  Take multiple practice tests

You may already be a skilled driver, but practicing on sample tests helps you prepare to read and understand the questions so you can give the responses they’re looking for. Many practice tests are available online and via mobile apps to help you prepare for the Class 7 knowledge test.


4.  Complete a learner’s prep course

A driver training course is a valuable resource to ensure you fill any gaps in your knowledge. It may also help you get a break on your insurance premiums.


5.  Read the questions carefully

When the time comes to take the knowledge test, take your time to read carefully and trust your own knowledge. A good rule is to read each question twice and determine your response before reading the multiple-choice options.


6.  If at first you don’t succeed, try again

The purpose of the knowledge test is to ensure you’re fully prepared to drive safely on the roads. Don’t be deterred by an unsuccessful score on your first attempt. You can always retake the test after you’ve had more time to prepare.


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