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Calgary was named the top driving city in the world in 2019, so if you're looking to get around when living in the city, it's best to learn how to drive. Are you looking to learn to drive in Calgary? Are you lost when it comes to the process of taking your different driver's license tests? Well, we can help you out. Read our guide to taking a road test in Calgary.


There are actually multiple types of driving test you'll have to take in Calgary during the road test process. Before you get on the road, however, you'll have to pass the written test. Once you pass your Class 7 Knowledge Test, you'll be issued your learner's permit. It costs 17 dollars each time you take the Class 7 Knowledge Test. After you get your Class 7 GDL License, you will have to take the Basic Road Test in order to receive your Class 5 GDL License. This license allows you to drive without another driver in the car, but it still has other restrictions you need to follow. You need to have your Class 7 License for at least one year and be 16 years or older before you take the Basic Road Test. Once you've passed the Basic Road Test and spent 2 years as Class 5 GDL driver and been suspension-free for last year, you'll be eligible to receive your Class 5 Non-GDL License. To get that license, you'll have to pass the Advanced Road Test.


Getting prepared to take your road test is a pretty simple process, but it can be stressful. The Basic Road Test lasts for approximately one half-hour. It costs 117 dollars every time you take the test. When working on passing a road test, you should be prepared to do the following:

  • Park in various situations

  • Demonstrate speed zone awareness

  • Navigating intersections effectively

  • Properly interacting with other drivers

The Advanced Road Test, on the other hand, lasts for around one hour and costs 188 dollars. Some tasks you'll have to complete during your Advanced Road Test include the following:

  • Parallel, angle, and hill parking

  • Handling railway crossings, road curves, through intersections

  • Driving at various speeds, in playground and school zones

You should start your road test preparation early, to make sure that you get in a lot of practice before the day of the test. There are lots of different ways you can prepare for your test. If you're a high school student, see if your school offers a driver's education program. Otherwise, you can sign up for private lessons. The right driving instructor will know what you need to know to pass your driving test, and will make sure you can do everything you need properly before test day. You'll also need to make sure that your car is in proper shape before the test. Make sure that you have a full tank of gas, proper car insurance, and safe tires. Check to make sure that every part of your car, including your seatbelts, is in good shape. And, you need to have your valid driver's license with you on the big day!


You should now be all set to take your road test in Calgary. Just make sure you get plenty of practice, and getting a driver's license in Calgary will be a breeze. Are you all ready to go? Make sure that you book your road test today.


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