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New vehicle registration and license plate personalization in Alberta

In Alberta, any vehicle using a public roadway must have a valid license plate and must first be registered at a Calgary registry office, such as Registry @ South Trail Crossing. Registering a vehicle is quick and easy, as is obtaining a license plate. Best of all, Alberta's Personalized Plates Program allows you to order a unique, personalized plate for your new vehicle.

Registering Your New Vehicle To register a new vehicle in Calgary, simply visit a Calgary registry office. All you'll need is a valid identification, proof that the vehicle is covered by insurance, and proof that the vehicle belongs to you (such as a lease agreement or a bill of sale). If the vehicle is brand new, the make sure you have your Original New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS) from the dealer as well.An Alberta Vehicle Registration Certificate contains importance information about your vehicle. It shows the license plate and license plate type, the Vehicle Identification Number, the name of the registered owner, and a description of the vehicle. You must have it with you at all times when driving. Ordering a Personalized License Plate One of the easiest ways to make your new vehicle really feel like your own is with a personalized licence plate. Alberta implemented the Personalized Plates Program in 1985, and has since issued more than 80,000 personalized plates. It's easy to spot personalized plates on Calgary roads, as the program continues to be as popular as ever at Calgary registries. To order your own personalized plate for your new vehicle, all you have to do is stop by a Calgary registry office. Personalized plates are available for every plate registration class except Antique, Dealer, and Disabled. Payment is made upon order, and the plate is typically received in the mail about four to six weeks later. Most personalized license plates are allowed to have up to seven characters. Veterans, motorcycle, and off-highway vehicle plates, however, are limited to five. The characters must consist of either letters or numbers, or a combination of both. Special characters are not allowed.Calgary registries are allowed to reject personalized plates that may be considered inappropriate. Your proposed plate also cannot match a personalized plate which has already been issued. Don't worry - if you keep it clean and get a little creative, you'll have no trouble getting the plate you want. Support Our Troops Plate in Alberta This program became available to motorists in 2014 through which you can support and honour the brave men and women of Canadian Armed Forces. The plate’s design features artwork in honour of the first four Alberta-based Canadian soldiers whose lives were lost in Afghanistan in April 2002.

  • This new plates is available for a one-time fee of $75 plus a $9 registry agent service charge.

  • It is only available for vehicles registered in the passenger class. Order them in person and show ID with an Alberta address at any registry office.

  • The plate cannot be personalized.

  • You cannot exchange veterans licence plate for a Support Our Troops plate

License Plate Personalization and Vehicle Registration in Calgary If you have purchased or are about to purchase a new vehicle, then you want to get behind the wheel and on the road as soon as possible. Calgary's Registry @ South Trail Crossing offers comprehensive vehicle registration services that will help get you on your way. Make sure you have your identification, proof of ownership and insurance for your vehicle. If you wish to purchase a personalized license plate, have some ideas in mind; please feel free to stop by SE Calgary Registry @ South Trail Crossing.


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