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How Long Is a Motorcycle Road Test in Alberta?

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This spring has seen many changes to Alberta’s driver’s licensing rules, especially the Graduated Driver Licensing program (GDL). If you're planning to obtain a Class 6 motorcycle licence in Alberta, you may be wondering how these changes will affect you. Here are the steps involved in acquiring a Class 6 licence.

Length of the Motorcycle Road Test in Alberta

As of April 2023, drivers enrolled in the GDL program no longer must take a second, advanced road test to obtain a Class 5 or 6 licence. Instead, the road tests to enter the GDL program have been enhanced. This means the length of the Class 5 road test is now 45 minutes instead of 30. However, the Class 6 road test remains 60 minutes long.

4 Steps to Obtaining a Class 6 Licence

To obtain a Class 6 motorcycle licence in Alberta, you must follow four steps.

1. Take a knowledge test

Before you take your knowledge test, ensure you meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 16 years old

  • Have a street-legal motorcycle

  • Have a Class 5 driver’s licence or have held a Class 7 learner’s licence for at least one year

  • A person over 18 years old with a valid Class 6 licence to be seated on the motorcycle with you or follow you on another motorcycle or in a car whenever you drive a motorcycle

2. Take a knowledge test

The Class 6 knowledge test consists of 30 multiple choice questions about motorcycle rules, safe riding practices, traffic signs and licensing information. Study the Alberta government's guide for motorcycle riders to prepare for the test.

3. Take the road test

Once you’ve passed the knowledge test, you can take the road test. The 60-minute test begins with an equipment and bike safety inspection. Then, the examiner will evaluate your riding skills in various real-world situations. The test typically includes different types of roads, intersections and traffic scenarios. The examiner will observe your proficiency in areas such as starting and stopping, turning, lane changes, signalling, speed control and general manoeuvrability.

4. Drive safely for two years

If you have a Class 7 learner’s licence and passed the knowledge and road tests, you’ll receive a Class 6 GDL. If you maintain a good driving record for two years, you’ll automatically be granted a full Class 6 licence without an additional road test. If you already have a Class 5 licence, you’ll receive your Class 6 licence right away.

Driver’s Licensing Services in Calgary

At Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd., we can take you through the steps of obtaining an Alberta Class 6 motorcycle licence or any other licence you require. You can take the tests at our Calgary location, and we can also help you with future driver’s licensing issues like renewals. Contact us today to book your driver’s test.


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