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How Do I Check My Driving Record in Alberta?

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If you have a driver’s licence, you have a driving record. Since the day you first got behind the wheel, every speeding ticket, accident that resulted in a ticket being issued and unpaid fine has been recorded. Do you know what’s on your driving record? Here’s how to check using a driver’s abstract in Alberta.

What’s a Driver’s Abstract?

A driver’s abstract is a document that lists all your driving infractions, including merit and demerit points, suspensions and convictions. Abstracts are available for a three, five or 10-year period.

Why You Need a Driver’s Abstract

There are various situations where you may need a driver’s abstract. Here are three:

  • If you apply for a job that requires driving a company vehicle, the employer will likely ask to see your driver’s abstract. If you’re applying for a job as a taxi driver, truck driver, delivery driver or contractor work, you should have a driver’s abstract on hand.

  • If you’re shopping for car insurance, the insurance provider may ask for your driver’s abstract because your driving record affects your insurance premiums.

  • If you want to confirm that a ticket was expunged from your record, or if you’re just curious to know what’s on your driving record, you must request your driver’s abstract.

Besides you or someone you authorize, your driving record can be accessed by the police, your insurance company and judicial services in Alberta.

Driver’s Abstract Types in Alberta

There are two types of driver’s abstracts you can obtain in Alberta. Here’s an overview of each:

  • A standard driver’s abstract contains information about the status of your licence, prior convictions, demerit points and suspensions. It also contains personal information like your name, age, sex, height and weight. It doesn’t divulge when you obtained your licence or how many years you’ve been legally driving.

  • A commercial driver’s abstract includes the same data as a standard abstract but also includes information on Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance inspections. It doesn’t include any information about your appearance.

How To Obtain a Driver’s Abstract in Alberta

You can request your driver’s abstract on the Province of Alberta website or by visiting an authorized registry office in person. You must fill out a request form, get it notarized and then submit the completed form with a photo ID and pay a $28 fee.

Driver’s Abstract and Licence Services in Calgary

At Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd., we can help you obtain your driver’s abstract with a simple, hassle-free process. We also provide other driver’s licensing services, including licence renewals, upgrades and replacements. Contact us today to get your printed driving record ready in no time at our Calgary office. We serve motorists throughout Alberta.


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