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How to Apply for a Marriage Licence in Alberta

bride and groom signing marriage licence

If you're planning a wedding in Alberta within the next 90 days, you must obtain a marriage licence from a registry agent's office. Here is everything you need to know.

You and your future spouse are solely responsible for getting your Alberta marriage licence. To do so, you must visit an Alberta registry office together, and provide an acceptable form of government-issued photo ID, such as a passport, treaty status card, Canadian citizenship card, or driver’s licence. You’ll also be asked to swear one or more affidavits and provide personal information, such as your full names and the birthplaces of your parents. Additionally, if either of you were previously married, you must bring the final divorce documents, such as a Certificate of Divorce or a Decree Absolute.

You can contact an agent at Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd. to confirm which documents you’ll need to provide. Please note, there is a $40 government fee for the marriage licence, plus additional registry agent fees.

After Obtaining Your Marriage Licence

Before leaving the registry agent office, it’s important to review the document carefully to ensure there are no errors. If there are any errors, a registry agent can correct them before the ceremony. After the ceremony, any errors will need to be corrected through the Vital Statistics amendment process. Additional fees may apply.

The Day of Your Wedding Ceremony

In Alberta, a marriage licence is a two-part document. The top part is a Registration of Marriage, and the bottom part is the marriage licence. The full document must be given to the officiant, who'll be performing your marriage ceremony. On your wedding day, the final information is added to the Registration of Marriage, and the marriage licence is signed by you, your spouse, your officiant, and your witnesses.

After the Wedding Ceremony

After the wedding day, your officiant must send your signed marriage licence and all other paperwork to Vital Statistics for the marriage to be legally registered in Alberta. It can also be submitted at a registry agent office; service fees may apply.

To order your marriage certificate, complete the Application for Marriage Documents form on the Government of Alberta website and bring it to a registry agent's office. There is a $20 government fee plus additional registry agent fees.

Marriage Licence Services in Calgary

If you’re getting married soon, don’t forget to obtain a marriage licence to make it legally binding! At Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd., our agents can walk you through the process of applying for a marriage licence with ease. We also offer legal name change and driver licensing services. Contact us today to learn more, or visit us in person at our location in southeast Calgary.


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