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What Happens if You Drive with an Expired Driver’s Licence or Vehicle Registration in Alberta?

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Driving with an expired driver’s licence or vehicle registration in Alberta can lead to severe consequences including fines. You could even lose your car. Here’s why you need to keep track of your expiration dates and how you can ensure your licence and vehicle registration are valid.

What’s the Penalty for Driving with an Expired Driver’s Licence or Vehicle Registration?

Driving with an expired driver's licence or vehicle registration is a violation of Alberta's Traffic Safety Act and can get you a hefty ticket. If you’re caught driving with an expired licence, you may face a fine of $300 or even higher. The dollar amount depends on how long ago your licence expired and whether you have any other infractions.

Alberta driver's licences expire every one to five years, depending on your licence class, age and medical conditions. Additionally, in Alberta, your licence expires on the day of your birthday, not at the end of your birth month.

If you drive with expired vehicle registration, you can face fines in the hundreds of dollars.

What Happens to Your Vehicle If You’re Ticketed for Driving with an Expired Registration?

Not only can police give you a ticket if they catch you driving with an expired licence or vehicle registration, but they can also impound your vehicle. The impoundment can last several days, and you must pay additional costs to get your car back.

Your car may be impounded if your registration and licence have expired for more than six months or if you have any other outstanding fines or warrants against you.

Renew Your Licence and Registration Before or Soon After the Expiry Dates

The best way to avoid these penalties is to ensure your driver's licence and vehicle registration are current. Renew your driver's licence and registration at your nearest registry office well before its expiration date. You can also renew online if you have no outstanding fines and if your licence and registration haven’t already expired.

Mark the expiration dates of both your driver's licence and vehicle registration on your calendar to avoid missing the renewal deadlines. Alberta registry offices can also remind you when your licence and registration are about to expire and can help you renew quickly and easily.

Driver’s Licence and Registration Renewal in Calgary

Don't wait until it's too late. Visit Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd. where an agent can renew your driver's licence and vehicle registration. Set up an account with us and we'll notify you before your renewal is due and let you know how much it’ll cost. Contact us today to learn more about how we help Alberta drivers.


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