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Can I Use My Friend's Car for a Road Test in Alberta?

examiner scoring driver during Alberta road test

If you're preparing to take your road test in Alberta, you might wonder if you can use your friend's car instead of your own. The good news is that Alberta Driving and Transportation allows you to use a borrowed or rented vehicle if it meets certain requirements. Here’s what you need to know about driving test vehicle requirements in Alberta.

Vehicle Requirements for the Road Test in Alberta

The examiner may cancel your road test before you even begin if you fail to meet these requirements:

  • Valid vehicle documentation. You’ll need to provide a valid vehicle registration and insurance (the “pink card”) for the vehicle you'll be using. The VIN (vehicle identification number) on your friend’s car must match their registration and insurance documents, and the car must have a valid licence plate.

  • Personal identification. You’ll need to present a valid driver’s licence or temporary licence with valid photo identification, such as a passport.

  • Windshield and window condition. The vehicle's windshield must be free of cracks or chips that could obstruct your view while driving. Additionally, the car’s front windows can’t have any non-factory window tint.

  • Vehicle in working order. Be prepared for the examiner to inspect your vehicle before the test. Ensure the brakes, lights, signals and tires are all in good condition. Check the seat belts, horn and wipers as well. The examiner may reject the vehicle if they find any safety concerns. They can also cancel the test if the car is too cluttered and messy, so tidy up beforehand.

  • Driver-assist technology. Driver-assist technologies like backup cameras and blind-spot assist must be working. However, you’ll need to turn them off during the test to demonstrate your ability to drive safely using mirrors and windows.

Get Familiar with Your Road Test Vehicle

Avoid doing a road test in an unfamiliar car. Get acquainted with the vehicle's instruments and controls. Take a test drive and adjust the mirrors, seats and steering wheel to your comfort. Ensure you know where all the functions are located, including hazard lights, signals and wipers.

If you're prepared and you've practiced driving the car, you'll be well on your way to passing your road test in Alberta.

Book Your Driving Test in Alberta with Us

Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd. can help you book and pass your road test and get you safely on Alberta roads. Visit our Calgary office for booking road tests or to take your knowledge test. Contact us today to speak with one of our experts who can guide you during your journey.

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