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7 common driving mistakes to avoid on your Calgary driving test

We at Registry @ South Trail Crossing have been helping our community with all their registry needs since 1994. This includes vehicle registries, driver’s licenses, and even booking your road test. Drop by one of our two locations in Calgary to find out more about how to get on the road. While we can’t take your test for you, we can help with everything else. To help you study for your big driving test in Calgary, here are seven tips about mistakes to avoid behind the wheel:

1. Having a Damaged Car Your driving test can be over before it begins. If the car you take the test in is damaged or otherwise unfit for the road, you’ll automatically be disqualified from the test. Also be sure to bring current registration and insurance for your test vehicle. 2. Entering an Intersection on a Solid Yellow Light When people pass the driving test they sometimes forget this rule of the road, so you may not have seen many people in Calgary follow it. You’ll still be held to this rule during the test, however. A yellow light at an intersection means that the light will soon turn red and the intersection should be cleared. Cars that can safely stop should not enter the intersection if the light is yellow. 3. Changing Lanes in an Intersection Whether turning or going straight, always stay in your lane in an intersection, even if there are no cars in the other lanes. 4. Following the Car in Front of You Too Closely Always keep a safe following distance behind other cars. If you’re too close, you won’t be able to stop to avoid a collision if the car in front of you brakes suddenly. In poor conditions, on the highway and when the car in front is a school bus you should always increase your following distance. 5. Driving Too Slowly Everyone knows that you’re supposed to stay within the speed limit at all times. Sometimes, however, people overcompensate and actually drive too slow during their road test. This can also lose you points. Always drive for road conditions. 6. Four-way Stops Four-way stops can be stressful for new drivers in Calgary. Remember that’s it’s always best to drive defensively rather than aggressively. Wait patiently for your turn and be sure to remain at a complete stop until your turn - not in the middle of the intersection. At a crosswalk, watch for pedestrians and proceed as soon as it’s your turn. 7. Rolling Stops Be sure to come to a complete stop behind the line when approaching a stop sign, or red light. And don’t forget that you’ll need to make a complete stop before making a right turn at a red light. Not stopping completely will lose you points or disqualify you from the test. If you study appropriately and get a good night’s rest, everyone has what it takes to pass a road test. If you need any help booking your exam, be sure to contact us at Registry @South Trail Crossing. We can take care of the details so you can focus on success.


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