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Passing the road test in Calgary is an accomplishment, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you have all of the tools to drive safely. After your Calgary driving test, you need to continue learning about how to best conduct yourself out on the roads.

Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd. provides driving tests and registry services in Calgary, and has put together 5 tips to help you drive safe – even after passing your driving test. 1) Watch Your Speed The importance of maintaining a safe speed while driving cannot be emphasized enough. Once you've passed your driving test at a Calgary registry, don't put your license or your life at risk by speeding.Speeders and frequent lane changers are more likely to wear out their brakes, and rarely get to their destination faster than anyone else. They still need to stop at lights and intersections, allowing those who are traveling the speed limit to catch up. 2) Watch Your Distance Another simple way to drive safe is to watch your following distance from the car in front of you. The most important defensive driving rule, keeping enough distance to brake safely if the car in front of you slows down or stops entirely will keep both your vehicle and the other vehicle much safer should anything unexpected happen. 3) Always Plan Ahead When taking your Calgary road test you're not asked to plan ahead of the test itself. When out driving on your own, however, you should always take the time to plan your trip. Pick the safest route, know which lanes you're going to need to get into so that you can do so ahead of time, and plan to stop if you're going to need to eat and drink while in the car. 4) Use Your Eyes Your eyes are your single most important safe driving tool, so use them. Set them to the task of scanning the road ahead to make sure it is clear, and to spot potential hazards. Always check your mirrors when turning, stopping, slowing down, changing lanes, and even just periodically as you are cruising. 5) Be Mindful of Blind Spots Finally, to drive safe you need to be both mindful of your own blind spot by always shoulder checking when changing lanes, and mindful of other driver's blind spots. Don't stay in the blind spot of another vehicle for longer than you have to. If you are passing a vehicle, then pass as quickly as it is safe to do so instead of driving alongside them. Book Your Calgary Road Test Today If you haven't taken your driving test in Calgary yet but you're already interested in how to drive safe, then you're off to a great start. When you feel that you are ready, Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd. can get you set up with your road test. Contact Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd. today to schedule your driving test and earn your license.


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