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Trustworthy Land Titles Registry in Calgary

We have been helping the people of Calgary since 2005 in fulfilling information and documentation requests. Land title information is useful in finding information on property owners, caveats, and mortgages, as well as information on surface and mineral rights. Here, our trusted and experienced staff perform title searches and provide you with information regarding historical titles.


As an all-inclusive registry office, we strive to offer quality services in Calgary. We can provide you with certificates of title, registered documents , and survey plan copies. To request services on land title searches or a copy of records, get in touch with us.


Land Title Searches

We can assist you with land title searches including a certified copy of title, or a historical title. To determine your specific needs, please read the descriptions below:


Certified Copy of Title: A search to locate a certified copy of title will show all outstanding registered interests in the land. These interests may include current owner, mortgages, easements, caveats, and builder’s liens. To perform a certified copy of title search, a legal description, land identification number code (LINC), or title number is required.


Historical Titles: A historical title search will show who owned the property prior to the current owner. Searching for a historical title may require the name of the previous property owner(s), legal description, as well as a reference title number. Depending on the parameters of the search, digitized results may be immediate, while searches that involve microfilm records may take longer.


Registry @ South Trail Crossing is not only limited to land title searches, but we also cater to a variety of other services that go beyond this.

Discover Our Services

Take a look at the links below to learn more about our wide range of services. We handle many registrations for both residents and companies, including:

Copy of Documents

Either by a visit to our office or by email, you may request copies of title documents. Please keep in mind that our staff members don’t change or amend a land title; we only provide materials relevant to your search. The types of document copies we can supply are:


Registered Copies: A registered title copy is a direct facsimile of an original land title. These copies will show information on right of ways, city easements, mortgages, and caveats.


Survey Plan Copies: You may order copies of registered survey plans through our office. You will need a legal description, or the plan and unit number.

Copy of Plans

Prints of registered plans can be obtained through our office. To obtain a copy of plans, you will need the plan and unit numbers, or the plan, block, and lot numbers. Plan copies are provided on large paper and produced by the land titles office. As this service requires delivery from the land titles office, your copy of plans request may take 24 to 72 to fulfill.

You can request a service mentioned above by visiting our office or speaking with one of our representatives by phone.

What is a Land Title Search?

A title is a collection of rights for real estate. Following this, a title search includes ascertaining details of the said rights and the person exercising them. A title search assists a buyer and a mortgage lender to establish the appropriateness and ownership of a concerned property. This search helps prove that the seller has the capacity to sell the property and prevents legal issues in the future. It includes deeds and mortgages, tax, marriage, and probate records, or another relevant document that might influence the title of the property.


Hence, a land title search provides you with information on land titles. You can either use the land title number or the legal land description while inputting your search request. These include:

  • Land Identification Number Code (LINC), or
  • The Title Number for the Property, or 
  • Legal Land Description: Can Be Found Using the Street Address

For more information about the fee we charge for our services, feel free to peruse through our detailed pricing list


Types of Land Title Searches


You can narrow down your land title search based on the different purposes each of them serves. Listed below are the types of land title searches: 

  • Current title: The title lists the present-day owner(s) and the latest information related to a piece of land. It also includes all outstanding registered interests in the property, such as mortgages, caveats, city easements and builders’ liens.
  • Document retrieval: You could retrieve certified copies of land title information using the document number if the document was registered after 1973. For documents registered before 1973, you will have to file a request.
  • Historical search: To retrieve this, you need to submit reference title numbers, the legal description and the owner’s name. It offers information about a particular land title registrant or a specific date.

What Information can Registry @ South trail crossing Provide?

Registry @ South Trail Crossing can provide you with the following information and documents:

  • Certified Copy of Land Title
  • Copy of Any Registered Document on the Title
  • Copy of Condo Plan
  • Registered Survey Plan
  • Township Images
  • Soil Capability Information

How Do I Obtain Land Title Information and Documents?

At Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd., we strive to make the process of obtaining land title information and documentation as easy as possible. You can obtain land title information by any of the following methods:

We believe in providing relevant assistance to all our customers for them to make better registry decisions. Make sure to browse through our blog that aims to educate and help you regarding registry services. 

Obtain Alberta Land Titles Information

Please note that we can only provide search information. Any changes or amendments to a land title must be done directly and registered with a government land titles office in Calgary or Edmonton. Location and links to these locations are shown below:


John E. Brownlee Building
10365 - 97 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T5J 3W7
Phone: 780-427-2742
Fax: 780-422-4290
Hours of Operation: 8:15 am - 4:00 pm Monday to Friday



Service Alberta Building
710 - 4 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2P 0K3
Phone: 403-297-6511
Fax: 403-297-8641
Hours of Operation: 8:15 am - 4:00 pm Monday to Friday


See the Land Titles page of the Service Alberta website for more detailed information.

Registry @ South Trail Crossing

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