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Your guide to vehicle registration in Alberta

Any vehicle that is using a public roadway must be operated by a driver with a valid driver's license, must be insured, and must also have a Vehicle Registration Certificate. Registering a vehicle can be done at a Calgary registry office, such as Registry @ South Trail Crossing. Most vehicle registration certificates will expire after one year but two year registrations are available.

Alberta Vehicle Registration Certificates contain five important pieces of information:

  • The vehicle's license plate type

  • The vehicle's license plate number

  • The vehicle's Vehicle Identification Number

  • The vehicle's description

  • The name of the vehicle's registered owner

What Happens When You Forget to Renew Your Registration? If you get caught driving without a valid Vehicle Registration Certificate, then you will be given a hefty fine for violating the Alberta Traffic Safety Act. Albertans need to pay extra attention to when their Vehicle Registration Certificate expires, as the Government of Alberta no longer sends out mail remainders when vehicle registrations or driver’s license renewal dates are approaching. Many drivers who were not aware of the change ended up with tickets as a result. Thankfully, Alberta registries have been more than happy to step up and offer renewal reminders for Albertans who register vehicles at their office locations or directly on their websites. A free automated renewal reminder will be e-mailed and a simple option to renew on-line will be offered. Vehicle Registration Renewal Options You have three options when it comes to renewing your vehicle registration in Calgary. The first is to renew your registration online. While a convenient choice, online renewal can only be done if there are more than 10 business days left until your registration expires and if you don't need to make any changes to your registration.You can also renew your registration by mail, but this can only be done if your current registration is still valid for 30 or more days, as it will take time for your application to arrive and be processed. Just like renewing online, you can't renew by mail if you also require any changes to your Vehicle Registration, such as an address change.The most hassle-free way to renew your vehicle registration in Calgary is to do so at a registry office. If you have a busy month, then you can come in right up to the day your registration is set to expire. You can also easily make any necessary changes while renewing your registration in person. Convenient Vehicle Registration in Calgary At Registry @ South Trail Crossing we'll make sure that your registration is renewed on time, that all of your information is correct, and that you receive a renewal notice next year with an on-line renewal option when it's time to renew again. If you need to register or to renew the registration on your vehicle, then visit Registry @ South Trail Crossing today or check out the convenience of on-line.


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