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Moving to Alberta? Tasks a Registry Office Can Help With

driver's licence application form

Moving to a new province can be fun and exciting, but oftentimes there are various requirements that can make our lives difficult when moving within Canada. If you are moving to Alberta and are trying to figure out what you need to do or where you need to go, we have gathered valuable information regarding tasks that a registry office like Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd. can help you with.


Registering a Vehicle

If you are moving to Alberta with your vehicle, you will be required to change your vehicle registration. You have up to 90 days after moving to Alberta to register your vehicle.


It is important to know that vehicles brought from another jurisdiction must go through an Out of Province Inspection before the license and plate can be issued. If you are coming from another country and you are bringing your vehicle with you, further documentation might be required apart from inspection.


Driving your vehicle without proper registration in Alberta is considered an offence and may result in the driver being fined. If you are moving with a vehicle, consult your local registry office to get it registered.


Exchanging or Getting Your Driver’s License

When it comes to exchanging your driver’s license, the amount of time you are allowed to drive with the driver’s license from your previous jurisdiction will also depend on your situation in the province. For instance, if you are living in Alberta permanently, you have up to 90 days to exchange your driver’s license. If you are temporarily working in Alberta, you can use a driver’s license from your previous jurisdiction for the first 6 months. Lastly, visitors from other jurisdictions are allowed to use their licenses for up to one year before they are required to get an Alberta driver’s license.


A registry office can also guide you through the process of applying for a driver’s licence for the first time.


Registering for the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP)

One of the most important things you must remember to do when moving to Alberta is registering for health care in the province. For those permanently moving to Alberta, coverage for your health care will start on the first day of the third month after you established residency.


In order to make sure that you will be covered for medical issues, it is strongly suggested that you apply for health care in Alberta and, for that reason, it is important to count on professionals that can take care of your health care application process.


Photo ID Card

It is always recommended that you have at least one identification document from the province you choose to live in. In case you are coming to Alberta but are not going to drive and, therefore, not getting a local driver’s license, it is suggested that you get an Alberta ID Card. This is often required when applying for school or work in the province.

Looking for a Registry Office in Alberta?

If you have recently moved to Alberta and are looking for a registry office to help with your documentation, Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd in Calgary can help. We offer a wide range of registry services and information so that you can get your life started in Alberta in no time. Contact us today and let us help you get settled!



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