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How to Order a Land Title Search in Alberta

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For someone buying a property in Alberta, ordering a land title search can be a key part of the process. A land title search, or property title search, is an official request for all the details relating to the rights and interests of a piece of real estate.


A property title search will include the deeds and mortgages, plus tax, marriage, probate records, liens or encumbrances, and any other document that might be relevant to the title of the property. Read this blog to learn more about the details of this process.


Types of Land Title Searches


Current Title

Current land titles identify the current owner, plus any mortgages, caveats, easements, liens, or encumbrances, or any other interests that are attached to the property.

To request a title search, you need one of the following pieces of information:

  • Legal description

  • Land identification number code (LINC number)

  • Title number


Historical Title

A historical title search will let you know who owned a property before the current owners. To perform this search, you may need several pieces of information, such as:

  • Reference title numbers

  • Owner’s name

  • Legal description

Why You Need a Land Title Search

Buyers and mortgage lenders will often use title searches to establish the appropriateness and ownership of a property, which proves the seller has the capacity to sell the property. It can often prevent legal issues in the future.


How to Order a Land Title Search

In Alberta, you can search by the name of an owner to find all the current and historical properties that are under their name.


The process for ordering a land title search by name is as follows:


Step 1. Fill Out an Application

You can get an application from a Land Titles Office or download it from the Government of Alberta website.


Step 2. Gather Supporting Documents

To request a land title search, you will need to provide supporting documentation along with the application. The following items can be used as documentation:

  • Writs of enforcement or extent

  • Federal writs of seizure and sale

  • Transfers of writs

  • Assignments of judgments

  • WCB certified statements, judgments and orders for maintenance or alimony

  • Orders or agreements under the Maintenance Enforcement Act, Maintenance & Recovery Act or Income Support Recovery Act

  • Orders under the Employment Standards Code

  • Orders under the Public Utilities Board Act

  • Certificates of lis pendens under the Matrimonial Property Act

  • Certificates of mental incompetency by the Public Trustee

  • Trusteeship orders under the Dependent Adults Act


Step 3. Submit Your Application

You can submit your application to any Land Titles Office in Alberta.


Let Us Help You Out

The agents at Registry at South Trail Crossing can help make your land title searches much simpler. We can do most of the legwork for you, all you need to do is provide us with the particulars like “Plan, Block and Lot”. This comes in the form of a set of three numbers or a combination of numbers and letters. Our agents can order Land Title documents but cannot make any changes to the Land Titles database. Changes go through Land Titles directly.


If you need to order a land title search in Alberta, you can come to us for help. Just give us a call or visit our registry office in Calgary today.




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