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Process of advanced road test in Calgary

Navigating the ins and outs of what it takes to get a driver's license in Calgary can be tricky if you're not familiar with the process. Registry @ South Trail Crossing wants to make the process as smooth as possible for people who want to pass their Calgary driver's test by offering this handy guide on Alberta's Advanced Road Test.

What is the Advanced Road Test? The Advanced Road Test is an on-the-road examination of your driving skills, and is the final rung on the ladder of Alberta's Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) Program. Once you pass your Advanced Road Test you no longer face any GDL restrictions and are given a full privilege class 5 driver's license. Who is Eligible to Take It? There are two requirements that you must meet before signing up for your Advanced Road Test: a.) You must have held your probationary, GDL license for at least the past two years. b.) You must not have received any suspensions in the 12 consecutive months leading up to your taking of the Advanced Road Test. What Are the Benefits of Passing the Advanced Road Test? The main benefit of passing the Advanced Road Test is no longer being subject to the probationary conditions of the GDL program. You will now face suspension at 15 demerit points instead of 8, you will be allowed to accompany someone who is learning to drive, and you will be able to upgrade to a commercial licence if you desire. If you have the skills and the knowledge, then taking the advanced road test is definitely worth the benefits it brings. What Can I Expect During the Test? The Advanced Road Test is a test of your driving skills and is carried out on the road. It usually takes about 50-60 minutes and is conducted in localities with at least 10,000 residents, to ensure that all test takers must contend with a certain amount of traffic. During the Advanced Road Test you will be asked to perform tasks such as stopping at stop signs and cross walks, making right and left turns, changing lanes, yielding to traffic, driving at various speeds, braking, parking, and more. How Do I Prepare My Vehicle? One of the most important ways to ensure Advanced Road Test success is to make sure that the vehicle you will be using is in good working condition and fueled up enough to last for the duration of the test. It must have insurance, a valid registration, properly inflated tires, functional seatbelts, all of its mirrors, and working brake lights, head lights, and signal lights. Where Can I Book My Advanced Road Test? You can take your driver's test in Calgary at Registry @ South Trail Crossing. As a Government of Alberta registry, Registry @ South Trail Crossing is authorized to administer the Advanced Road Test and supply drivers with their new Alberta’s driver's license. Don't wait to book your advanced road test with us and finally become a fully licensed driver.


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