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Can I Renew My Alberta Driver’s Licence After It Expires?

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Service Alberta no longer sends out driver's licence renewal reminders. Consequently, more and more drivers are accidentally letting their licences expire. If yours has expired, you may be wondering what will happen if you’re late renewing it. Here’s what you need to know.

When does an Alberta Driver’s Licence Expire?

Alberta driver’s licences are valid for between one and five years. The validity term of your licence depends on several factors, including the class of licence, your medical status and age. Remember, your licence expires on your birthday of the expiry year, not the last day of your birth month.

Can You Renew an Expired Alberta Driver’s Licence?

Yes, you can renew an expired driver’s licence in Alberta. However, you must renew it in person at an authorized registry office providing driver licensing services.

How Long After My Driver’s Licence Expires Can I Renew It?

If your licence expired less than six months ago, you can renew it just like you would a valid driver’s licence. The only difference is that you cannot renew it online. You must bring your expired licence to an authorized registry office and pay the standard fee to renew it.

If your licence expired more than six months ago, you must provide additional documentation, including:

  • Your expired licence

  • Proof of legal presence in Canada, such as your Canadian passport, Canadian birth certificate or valid permanent resident (PR) card, or other valid immigration document such as work/study/visitor permit (must be valid for a minimum of 90 days).

  • Proof of Alberta residency, such as pay slips, bank statements or utility bills containing your name and address dated within 90 days

How Can I Renew My Driver’s Licence After It Expires?

If your licence expired more than three years ago, you must pass the written and road test again before a new driver’s licence will be issued.

Can I Drive with An Expired Licence?

It’s illegal to drive without a valid licence in Alberta. If caught, you could be fined up to $300.

When Can I Renew My Driver’s Licence?

You can renew your driver’s licence up to one year before it expires. If you have a valid licence and no outstanding fines, you can renew online. If you’re 75 years or older or hold a Class 1, 2 or 4 licence, you must renew in person at a registry office with a completed Driver's Medical Report Form. You must also renew your licence in person if you have a medical condition that requires a Driver’s Medical Report Form to renew, regardless of age.

Driver's Licence Renewal Services in Calgary

Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd. is authorized by the Government of Alberta to provide a wide range of driver licensing services, including renewal, upgrades, replacements and licence exchanges. Visit our office today or contact us today in Calgary for more information.


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