Buying a used car

How to Verify Vehicle Details While Purchasing Used Car

With over 7,700 used car dealerships in Canada, you're bound to find the perfect vehicle that matches your needs. Once you finally sign on every dotted line, the steering wheel in your hand and the gas pedal under your foot will feel amazing.


Here at Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd., we understand the excitement. However, the worst mistake people make when purchasing a used car is to not fact check the sellers. Oftentimes, they don't know how to verify vehicle details, therefore putting themselves at risk for buying a stolen vehicle or one that is still partially owned by a loan provider. We like to assume people have good intentions, but that's not a chance you can take in this market. To save time and ensure your vehicle is a safe purchase, follow these simple tricks.


How to Verify Vehicle Details

First, make sure the seller has a valid form of identification. This could include but is not limited to, a provincial driver's license, a military ID, or a passport.  If for any reason the seller is unable to provide proof of their identity, it's probably best to walk away now. Check with the Canadian Police Information Centre database if you think the vehicle may be stolen.


The province of Alberta has a lot of helpful, in-depth information about these steps on their website.


Request a Vehicle Information Report

The next step you can't afford to skip is obtaining a VIR, or Vehicle Information Report. We'd love to help you out with this, so feel free to request one on our website. The VIR is important because it tells you all of the background information about the car's history using its Vehicle Identification Number. Our results will pull up all of the non-protected information about the car in Alberta, such as the last reported odometer reading and if there are any liens still against it. You probably don't want to be purchasing a vehicle that is still having to be paid off, so skipping this step could cost you financially.


Our VIR will also tell you the status of the vehicle (if it is active, rebuilt, salvaged, etc). Purchasing a car with a salvaged or rebuilt title could cause issues with insuring it later on, giving you more stress to deal with.


Let Us Help You

Purchasing a used car can be a very exciting process, so make sure you learn how to verify vehicle details.

Access the complete list of the registration and inspection services we offer on our website. We're here to help simplify your purchase every step of the way.


Before you buy, check out the Bill of Sale, Vehicle Registration Authorization Letter, and other vehicle licensing forms that Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd. offers. Familiarizing yourself with these now will save you time and hassle in the future.