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FAQ About the Driver's License Test in Calgary

Alberta has more than 3 million licensed drivers on its roads. Before receiving a Class 1 to 6 driver's license, each of those drivers had to take a driver's test. Administered by a qualified government licensed driver examiner, a driving exam assesses your driving abilities under normal operating conditions. Considering your ability to drive on Alberta's roads depends on your passing this test, it's normal to have some questions. Below, we're addressing the FAQ of the driver's license test in Calgary. Keep reading to learn more.


What Are the Steps to Getting a Full Driver's License?

For a new driver to get a full, non-GDL Class 5 driver's license in Alberta, it's a three-year process, at least. At 14 years of age or older, you can take the computer knowledge test and vision test to get your Learner's (Class 7) license. If you're under the age of 18, you'll need the consent of a parent or guardian to do so. For the Class 5-GDL Probationary license in Alberta, you have to be 16 years of age or older (with parental or guardian consent if you're under 18). Before being eligible, you'll need to possess the Class 7 license for at least 12 months. Then, you need to pass a driver's test on the actual road. You become eligible for the full, non-GDL Class 5 license after two years with your Class 5-GDL. You'll have to take an advanced driving exam on the road for this license. You'll also need to pay any fines and ensure you don't have any suspensions in the last 12 months of the probationary stage.


How Do I Book a Drivers Test?

The process for booking a road test for Class 4, 5, and 6 licenses in Alberta changed on January 5, 2021. You can now book a driver's license road test through an Alberta registry agent. You can book these online or in-person. In order to book a road test, you'll need your driver’s lisense as well as your Motor Vehicle Identification (MVID) number. You can find this near the barcode on your physical driver's license.


How Is the Driving Exam Graded?

On Class 5, 5 Advanced, Class 6, or 6 advanced driving exams, more than 75 points will result in failure. You can get points for failing to follow the rules of the road, poorly completing a maneuver, or forgetting a necessary driving skill. Some behaviours will automatically result in failure. These include driving unsafely, breaking a traffic law, or endangering a pedestrian or other driver.


Book Your Drivers License Test Calgary

If you want to drive on Albertan roads, you need to be a licensed driver. The entire process for becoming a full-licensed driver in Alberta is at least three years. Part of that process involves taking a road test, which can now be booked through registry agents across the province. If you're ready to take your drivers license test in Calgary, book it with us online.